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Business Consultancy For Decentralized Finance

Good technology and promising ideas usually fail to reach their full potential without business development experts. We help you take your idea or existing project to the next level.

EOS42 has decades of combined experience in business, finance and product development. From urban planning for major cities to asset management at Goldman Sachs, our team is equipped with experience to help you reach your goals.

EOS42 CEO, David Packham, is the lead project advisor and CFO for the WORBLI project. We have also built successful applications such as the Chintai token leasing exchange.

We offer business development and consultancy for:

  • Project Planning & Execution
  • White Paper Review & Development
  • Financial Advisory & Asset Management
  • Product Development & Deployment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • & much more!

Please reach out to our CEO, David Packham, with questions related to Project Planning & Finance.

Please reach out to our Head of Product, Ryan Bethem, with questions related to Marketing and Product Development.