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Chintai Token Leasing

Chintai is a frictionless peer-to-peer EOS token leasing platform that leverages the revolutionary power of the EOS network. Developers can flexibly lease tokens based on their respective needs, while token holders can profit from leasing network resources that would otherwise be left unused.

EOS 911

EOS911 was bootstrapped by EOS42 to help people who lost their keys or fell victim to scams. We developed basic methods to prove ownership for accounts. Additionally, we’ve acted as a liaison between ECAF and token holders seeking to recover funds. The EOS911 has evolved into an initiative to prevent cyber crime.

My EOS Wallet

My EOS Wallet (MEOW) is a community owned and ad-free platform, that allows the EOS community to access and manage their EOS holdings with the trusted security of hardware wallets.

DDOS simulation

A guide for Block Producers to mitigate the risk of DDOS attacks.