English (UK)

David Packham



David is a decentralist who combines an extensive background in finance with a passionate belief in the power of blockchain technology to increase personal freedom and reduce inequality. He leads strategy and development at EOS42, including operations related to community-based expansion, capital investments, finance, and legal. David’s previous career focus was management consultancy and asset management for a range of global FinTech institutions. He combines business acumen with an ability to amplify the talents of people under his wing, yielding invaluable contributions for the EOS ecosystem.

Phillip Hamnett


Phillip started his career as a high energy physicist working at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron and Large Hadron Collider, specializing in the analysis of big data generated by these experiments. Specifically, he was searching for new fundamental particles. Unfortunately, the particles were very shy. No matter how hard he tried they wouldn’t come out from hiding. After he finished his time at DESY, he decided to do what all physicists do when they leave the nest — write software for airplanes. He spent eighteen months leading projects at Airbus, which used embedded C. Philip most recently developed the smart contract for the Chintai token leasing platform, and is very excited for future projects as a team member of EOS42.

Ryan Bethem

Head of Product

Ryan is passionate about grassroots campaigns related to social justice and financial equality. Before entering the blockchain industry, he was a Psychologist in San Francisco, specializing in psychoanalytic treatment of complex trauma and group therapy. Using a background in the psychology of group dynamics, public relations, politics and philosophy allows him to offer a unique perspective on the development of the EOS ecosystem. He hopes to see EOS become a hub for redefining how communities can govern to amplify personal autonomy, raise the bar for quality of life, and set people free from exploitative third parties.

Andrew Diedrich

Full Stack Developer

Andrew has a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota. The foundation of Andrew’s technical background is based on data driven planning and strategy using econometric methods for retail sales and labor planning. Five year experience using SQL, R and SAS statistical software for data analysis. Two years of experience with javascript. Andrew is driven by a passion for the social impact through blockchain technology, which ultimately led him to sharpen his technical skills as a full-stack developer.

Kai Jing

Chinese Ops/Full Stack Developer

Kai has a background in Chemical Engineering and Software Engineering. He worked as a software developer and product manager in Guangzhou, specializing in the e-commerce industry. After discovering EOS in July, 2017, Kai decided to devote his time to helping people learn about EOS. He has written and translated several articles that cover EOS, including the Chinese version of Technical Whitepaper v2.0. Kai is also a KOLs on BIHU with over 10,000 people in his following.

Michael Nash


Prior to entering the crypto space, Nash worked in biomedical science research. Working for the University of Oxford for three years alongside world leading experts in their field, he was responsible for contributing to the production of high quality research with a view to curing neurodegenerative diseases. Since learning more about Blockchain technology and the Eos ecosystem in 2018, Nash has decided to put his efforts into learning more about this technology, and contribute to it's growth. He is passionate about the potential for Blockchain technology to radically alter the lives of regular people in the future, giving them the opportunity to be more free to live the life they choose. As a member of our quality assurance team, Nash is responsible for making sure all our services are functioning correctly - at launch, and beyond.