English (UK)

David Packham

Head of Strategy


David is a decentralist who combines an extensive background in finance with a passionate belief in the power of blockchain technology to increase personal freedom and reduce inequality. He leads strategy and development at EOS42, including operations related to community-based expansion, capital investments, finance, and legal. David’s previous career focus was management consultancy and asset management for a range of global FinTech institutions. He combines business acumen with an ability to amplify the talents of people under his wing, yielding invaluable contributions for the EOS ecosystem.

Charles Holtzkampf

Head of Technology & Infrastructure


Charles Holtzkampf has twenty years of IT experience, including designing high performance VDI clusters and maintaining a 4,000 node networking cluster for a leading business centre provider. He also has extensive experience with programming, performance monitoring, increasing efficiency, and web services. Charles geared his technical expertise towards blockchain technology in hopes that the industry will result in redistribution of wealth and allow people to make a living doing what they love.

Michael Fletcher

Lead Developer

Michael is a backend developer with five years of industrial experience in the logistic automation sector. He has contributed to the development of systems used by some of the biggest companies on the planet. Specialising in creating real time, business-critical, distributed systems has informed his role as lead developer for the EOS token leasing platform, Chintai. Michael is most inspired by imagining and implementing solutions for basic infrastructure necessities of the EOS community.

Phillip Hamnett

Smart Contract Lead

Phillip started his career as a high energy physicist working at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron and Large Hadron Collider, specializing in the analysis of big data generated by these experiments. Specifically, he was searching for new fundamental particles. Unfortunately, the particles were very shy. No matter how hard he tried they wouldn’t come out from hiding. After he finished his time at DESY, he decided to do what all physicists do when they leave the nest — write software for airplanes. He spent eighteen months leading projects at Airbus, which used embedded C. Philip most recently developed the smart contract for the Chintai token leasing platform, and is very excited for future projects as a team member of EOS42.

Andrew Coutts

Full Stack Developer

Andrew is a full-stack developer, with experience building tools for the EOS community such as, the EOS Resource Planner and most recently the frontend for the Chintai resource leasing platform. He was drawn to blockchain because of the electric environment and potential to be the next radical wave in the evolution of technology. Previously, he spent four years in the Application Performance Management (APM) industry as an application monitoring subject matter expert helping identify and fix performance bottlenecks in complex large-scale enterprise environments at companies like GEICO, Fannie Mae, and Marriott International. He hopes to utilize his talents to enhance the EOS ecosystem by building next generation platforms on EOS.

Liam Wu

Head of Operations for

China & South America

Liam has lived on three continents in the past twenty years and speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). His diverse upbringing allows him to view the blockchain industry with a unique integration of cultural perspectives. A combination of an awareness of cultural diversity, an intuitive sense of how to nourish communities, and an intrinsic understanding of community engagement have enabled Liam to develop projects such as EOS911. He is fascinated by blockchain technology, and plans to invest his youthful energy into encouraging the adoption of the nacint technology, while developing solutions for problems faced by the EOS community.

Sean Kang

Head of Operations for Korea

Sean has more than ten years of experiences in banking, finance, and urban engineering. He began his career as an account manager with the largest bank in Canada, operated various businesses in Korea and Canada, and lived in the United States. Sean discovered EOS while pursuing his Ph.D. degree in urban planning for the development of smart cities. He envisions our daily lives being fundamentally influenced by smart cities that leverage scalable blockchain technology. Combining his abilities as an urban planner to listen, understand, and implement what the community wants with his diverse cultural background enables Sean to deliver comprehensive solutions for the EOS community.

Ryan Bethem

Head of Community

Ryan is passionate about grassroots campaigns related to social justice and financial equality. Before entering the blockchain industry, he was a Psychologist in San Francisco, specializing in psychoanalytic treatment of complex trauma and group therapy. Using a background in the psychology of group dynamics, public relations, politics and philosophy allows him to offer a unique perspective on the development of the EOS ecosystem. He hopes to see EOS become a hub for redefining how communities can govern to amplify personal autonomy, raise the bar for quality of life, and set people free from exploitative third parties.

Kai Jing

China Community Manager

Kai has a background in Chemical Engineering and Software Engineering. He worked as a software developer and product manager in Guangzhou, specializing in the e-commerce industry. After discovering EOS in July, 2017, Kai decided to devote his time to helping people learn about EOS. He has written and translated several articles that cover EOS, including the Chinese version of Technical Whitepaper v2.0. Kai is also a KOLs on BIHU with over 10,000 people in his following.