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EOSIO Smart Contract Audits

Code audits are critically important for applications built on immutable blockchains. One mistake can result in permanent financial losses or damage to reputation. While no auditor can guarantee the absence of bugs, having an experienced and trusted team reviewing your code helps limit potential vulnerabilities.

We have conducted numerous smart contract audits for well known EOSIO projects including:

  • Equilibrium (EOS Stable Coin Protocol)
  • BonDavinci Pro (Digital Art Platform)
  • Hirevibes (Recruiting & Hiring Platform)
  • Switcheo/Obolus (Exchange)

All Auditors Are Not Made The Same

Our team of technical experts have decades of experience developing applications and products that have no room for error.

Besides building a high-performance leasing exchange on EOS that has held more than $100 million USD, our team has also built software for airplanes, the Hadron Collider and supply chain management.

EOS42 CTO, Phil Hamnett is a EOSIO stack exchange moderator. Our knowledge base is further supplemented by a close working relationship with since early 2018.

Client Feedback

"HireVibes needed a professional team to conduct a detailed audit for our smart contract code. We were very pleased and impressed by the level of service provided by EOS42. Their audit and guidance gave us the confidence we need in our code. Going forward we won't look further than EOS42 for similar work."

---- Daniel, HireVibes

"EOS42 was very insighful during Obolus auditing. They went above and beyond when it came to sharing good practices in Smart Contract development in EOS. The auditing team had a fast and efficient smart contract review with quick response and interactive process during the auditing."

---- Mau, Obolus

Rates & Contact

Our rates are fitted to your technical and financial needs. We are happy to give you a free quote.

Please reach out to our CTO, Phil Hamnett.